Mortgage Payment Schedule Calculator

Use our calculator to test various mortgage scenarios. A mortgage amortization schedule tells you:

  • What your mortgage payments will be over the life of your mortgage.
  • How much interest and principal you are paying down each year.
  • How your mortgage balance is declining each year and term.

Change one or more variables -- amortization period, term, interest rate and/or payment frequency -- to determine the effect on your overall mortgage costs.

Mortgage Loan Amount

Enter in a Mortgage Term and Interest Rate:
 year(s) -  %

Amortization Period

Payment Frequency 

Mortgage Start Date

Annual summary: A breakdown of principal, interest and balance by year


Mortgage term: The length of the current mortgage agreement.

Amortization period: The period of time in which you'll pay off the total amount owing if you make regular payments.

Annual summary: Choose the number of annual summaries you'd like to see that show your principal, interest, balance.

Please use whole numbers without commas for all fields except interest rate and mortgage term.

This tool is for illustration purposes only. No warranty is made about the accuracy or applicability of the results in any particular case.

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